“Digore” Law Firm was born as a project of the business law. Founded by lawyers Eduard and Corina Digore in 2001, it was reorganized in 2007. For our entire team, law is more than passion and personal satisfaction; we work hard every day to earn the best prize of all – reputation.

Our law firm has gained national and cross-border recognition through its contribution to some of the most important investments and operations for the Republic of Moldova. In 2016, after defending the citizens for the violation of the right to vote in the Diaspora vs. Republic of Moldova case, the defenders from the “Digore” Law Firm were genuinely appointed as PEOPLE’S ADVOCATES. “Digore” Law Firm actively participates, for the common interest of the citizens of the country, in Actio Populis, as well as the file THE THEFT OF THE CENTURY, THE PERFECT CRIME – the concession of the International Airport of Chișinău.

Our main objective is to provide quality, reliable law services that clients would prefer to choose from a list of alternatives. The principle that guides our work as a law firm is that a lawyer is the confidant and the adviser of the client. Being passionate and dedicated, we strive to be perceived as the first option for a client seeking legal advice.

We believe, with certainty, that the attention to our clients’ legal concerns, desires and objectives is the foundation on which lays the successful resolution of the legal challenges they are facing.

The relationships between our attorneys and clients are based on ethical values – honesty, fairness, loyalty and confidentiality. One of the essential objectives of which we act as lawyers is to provide the client with the best and fastest legal solutions.

“Advocacy is as old as the magistracy,
as noble as virtue,
just as necessary as justice.”

– Henri François d’Aguesseau

Our legal practice, based on solid professional abilities and experience, is not limited by geographical frontiers. As a result, our law services are reachable and available wherever our clients need them.

We approach with the utmost seriousness the responsibility implied by our client’s trust and we are honored that for many of them, our team is a partner, an indissoluble part of their own business.

All our lawyers show a firm commitment to reach our clients’ goals, employing the practical, innovative and creative spirit.

We are proud to be lawyers, that we have a noble profession which we serve by remaining faithful to the oath we took on the day we decided to dedicate ourselves to it.


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Intransigent professionals, experts of their field – including on the territory of Italy, gentle and an exemplary family. When we, the diaspora, pleaded for support, we received a to the point answer; they got involved and dedicated themselves to the common good. They know languages and use social networks. Altruists, young and united for volunteering activities. Grazie!
T. N.
Attorneys from whom you can get candid and specific information to the exposed situations; promptness and professionalism. Professionals of their field, wonderful people, pragmatic, with a good sense of reality, who don’t use great words, but build great results. Thank you for everything!
B. M.
The confidence that the attorney knows what to do, has the force to do what’s needed, and does what’s needed, is the first thing that Digore Law Office asserts. Intransigent professionals.
M. A.
Digore Law Office acts, they move people and things, ideas and concepts; they offer solutions – qualities worth of maximum respect.
M. A.
Every time we requested your services, you didn’t disappoint us, showing maximal correctness, efficiency, promptness and professionalism. You always found the best solution in accord to our requests. This convinced us that you are the best choice. I am certain that we will continue to trust in your services for the future.
G. M.
Serious and professional!! The best collaboration is when it comes in the same package with respect, transparency and the professionalism the partner proves to have. During the collaboration we’ve had, Digore Law Office proved to us that it’s got all of the above qualities. In my opinion, we need such worthy people that would protect the interests of the citizens of Republic of Moldova and of those who are abroad.
M. M.