Drept penal

The Criminal law

We represent clients charged with a wide range of crimes. We provide legal assistance in the criminal trial both for the accused or the defendant as well as for the injured party. The assistance of a lawyer in the criminal proceedings involves firstly the representation in the criminal investigation phase, which materializes through the drafting of the applications, the assistance in carrying out various acts of criminal prosecution, such as hearing of defendants or witnesses, on-the-spot investigations, reconstructions, searches etc.  At the same time, if preventive measures are taken, such as the obligation not to leave the country or the locality or the preventive arrest, we provide assistance during the entire judicial processes as well as for drafting the requests for provisional release where appropriate.

  • We provide full assistance services for the trial phase of the criminal process, starting with defining the defense strategy up to the drafting of any acts, as well as verbal support of the case, call or appeal.
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